Duraframe Steel Framing Solutions

Duraframe Steel Framing Solutions is an established business, dedicated to provide the construction industry with innovative and economical pre-fabricated steel framing for the wall,ceiling and external cladding construction industry. Our focus has always been on quality, service and design flexibility to meet our customers requirements for any project, for both internally and external steel framing.

At Duraframe Steel Framing Solutions the possibilities are endless… With offsite pre-fabrication being the order of the day, and a unique high strength, clinch riveting system for light gauge metal section.

Duraframe Steel Framing Solutions can now offer you a variety of alternative construction methods for radiused curved metal track, architectural steel framing, Wall Panels and steel trusses which can be easily analyzed or engineered to reach cost effective and innovative solutions to suit your construction needs.

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Recent News

Discovery Center (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

5/24/2016 9:17 AM

  Duraframe supplied over 12,000 linear feet of Curv-Trak products to form this spherical theater shell in the newly constructed portion of The ...

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