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What is American Dream?

American Dream is a portion of the Meadowlands complex in New Jersey that features an indoor ski and snowboard facility, theme park, ice skating rink, and hundreds of retail and dining attractions. This massive (3 million square foot) project required a diverse team of skilled professionals in order to complete. Duraframe had the pleasure of working with Sloan and Company Inc. to help bring the complex design to life.

Duraframe’s Impact

Duraframe and Sloan worked collaboratively to create a solution for the owners that would ensure the project possessed the highest degree of structural integrity, durability, and visual aesthetics, while also being incredibly cost efficient. The prefabricated steel framing solutions offered by Duraframe, especially their proprietary curved track system, allowed construction to operate smoothly. With the help of M534 spring hangers, over 10,000 feet (approximately 2 miles) of Curv-Trak was installed throughout the mall to create a stunning radiused ceiling and curved planter structures that are unique to American Dream. Additionally, Duraframe worked with precision to prefabricate pockets into large sections of panelized ceiling frames to create room for the lighting fixtures that would need to be installed.

Challenges at American Dream

45,000 feet of half-inch plywood and 55,000 square feet of half inch gypsum were required to create the mesmerizing LED integrated barrel ceiling. The height and length of the ceiling added a large logistical challenge to the project. A massive 45 foot scaffolding platform had to be built in order for the construction crews to have easy access to the ceiling. Once one section was completed, the scaffolding had to be taken down and moved to access the next unfinished section. This process of constructing and deconstructing the scaffolding occurred over and over until the project was completed.

Final Reveal

Thanks to the collaboration between Duraframe and Sloan, this phase of American Dream’s construction was successfully completed without delays. The final result is a beautiful and unique curved ceiling built to match the modern design of the entire complex. The full American Dream mall opened to the public in 2020.

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